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Struggling with a leaky tiled roof? Turn to Carolan Roofing for dependable solutions. As fully insured roofing contractors based in London, we are dedicated to providing high-integrity services. Enhance your property with our selection of clay and concrete tiles available in a variety of colours.

Our certified roofers in London are ready to provide free inspections, quick restorations, and extensive guarantees. Depend on us for superior tiled roofing solutions and schedule a free consultation to ensure your roof’s longevity.

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Tiled Roofing in London

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Comprehensive Roofing Solutions in London

Our experienced London roofers are equipped to handle all roofing needs. Explore our services below:

Tiled Roof Installations

Our expert team delivers exceptional tiled roof installations that enhance both the beauty and resilience of your property.

Slate Roof Installations

Upgrade the elegance and durability of your building with our specialist slate roof services, utilising only the finest materials.

Leadwork Services

Count on our experienced roofers for premium leadwork, including flashings and guttering, to fully secure and enhance your roof’s appearance.

High-Quality Roof Tiles and Materials

Carolan Roofing provides an extensive selection of roof tiles and materials tailored to meet your aesthetic and budgetary needs:

We ensure that our roofing solutions not only elevate the appearance of your roof but also provide durability over time.

The Preferred Choice for Tiled Roofing

Recognised by our customers as the leading roofing service in London, we offer competitive pricing and are prepared to match any quote for tiled roofing.

Emergency Tiled Roofing Needs?

Contact Our Team of Expert Tiled Roofers in London Right Away.

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Tiled Roof Repair Services in London

We specialise in comprehensive tiled roof repair, addressing damage caused by harsh weather or accidental impacts to restore the safety and comfort of your home.

Our team is adept at matching tiles for seamless repairs, providing solutions for all roof sections including chimneys throughout London.

Rely on our expertise to maintain and rejuvenate your tiled roof. Reach out today to arrange for repairs and protect your property.

Advantages of Carolan Roofing’s Tiled Services

Choosing our professional tiled roofing services offers numerous benefits:

Innovative Dry Ridge Systems

Our dry ridge tile fixing technique involves stainless steel screws and clamps to securely fix tiles, offering robust protection against water ingress and adverse weather conditions.

Benefits of Dry Ridge Roofing

Opt for our dry ridge systems for superior longevity, enhanced durability, and efficient installation, providing a reliable roofing solution.

Get Started on Your Roofing Project

Initiate your roofing project with a free, no-obligation quote from Carolan Roofing today!

Why Carolan Roofing is Your Best Choice

With comprehensive insurance, competitive rates, and a highly skilled team, we continue to be the preferred choice for tiled roofing in London.

Common Questions About Tiled Roofing

Are tiled roofs energy efficient?

Indeed, tiled roofs are highly energy efficient. They act as natural insulators, helping to maintain indoor temperatures and reduce dependence on heating and cooling systems. This insulation can lead to lower energy usage and significant savings on utility bills.

Are roof tiles fireproof?

Clay and concrete roof tiles are non-combustible with a Class A fire rating, meaning they offer excellent fire resistance. While a tiled roof enhances fire safety compared to options like shingles, wood shake, or metal, it does not render a home entirely fireproof. The design allows for air circulation beneath the tiles, which helps reduce heat transfer to attics during a fire.

How long does a tiled roof typically last?

Tiled roofs are celebrated for their durability, typically lasting between 50 to 100 years or more with the right type of tile and maintenance. Regular inspections, repairs, and cleaning are essential to maximise a tiled roof’s lifespan.

How long does a dry ridge system last?

A properly installed dry ridge system can endure for many years without significant maintenance or repairs. Its longevity depends on material quality, local weather conditions, and installation standards.

What is the difference between dry ridge and wet ridge roofing?

Dry ridge roofing uses screws and clamps to attach tiles securely to the roof, whereas wet ridge roofing relies on sand and mortar. Dry ridge is generally more durable and weather-resistant than wet ridge.

Are tiled roofs more costly than other roofing materials?

Tiled roofs generally have a higher initial cost but offer excellent long-term value due to their durability and minimal maintenance needs. These factors often outweigh the upfront investment over time.

How much does a tiled roof cost in London?

The cost varies based on the roof size, tile type, accessibility, and project duration. As every tiled roofing project is unique, we recommend contacting us for a free site survey and detailed quote without obligation.

What are the advantages of using a dry verge system?

Dry verge systems offer superior protection from the elements, enhanced durability, and require less maintenance compared to other roofing systems. They also improve roof ventilation and can boost the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Can a dry ridge or dry verge system be installed on an existing roof?

It is possible to install a dry ridge or dry verge system on an existing roof, although it can be complex and might need additional measures to ensure the roof is adequately secured.

Can a dry verge system be installed on any type of roof?

Yes, dry verge systems are versatile and can be fitted on most roof types, including those with slate, clay, or concrete tiles.

Our experts are ready to address any queries you might have about tiled roofing, from energy efficiency and fire safety to the lifespan and costs of tiled roofs. We also provide clear explanations of the differences between dry ridge and traditional wet ridge systems and the feasibility of installing these on existing roofs.

Whether it’s a new installation or a complex repair, contact Carolan Roofing for a thorough survey and a detailed quotation at no charge.

Delivering more than just Roofing to London

Carolan Roofing has been a dedicated part of the London community for years. We have an impressive range of projects, from new roof installations to effective repairs on numerous buildings across the city.

Our Extensive Roofing Services Cover:

  • Emergency Roof Repairs
  • Damaged Roofs
  • Loose Tiles
  • Slate Roofs
  • Flat Roofs
  • Felt Roofs
  • Gutter Repairs
  • Gutter maintenance
  • Chimney Repairs
  • Chimney Repointing
  • Broken rooves
  • Dislodged roof tiles
  • Slate roofing
  • Flat roofing
  • Felt roofing
  • Urgent roof repairs
  • And much more…